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Attention Florida Homeowners
Are you Renovating?
Remodeling? Adding an Addition
to Your Home?
You May Have To Pay
More Than You Bargained For.
You Could End Up
Paying Twice
For Your Construction Job!
We Can Help

          Learn How To Protect
          Your Property And Yourself

You’re Doing a Renovation

Or a remodel of a kitchen or bathroom, or an addition, or replacing a roof or paving your driveway, or building a swimming pool, or you’re building your dream house

You Pay Your Contractor But -

You pay your contractor everything that the contract calls for but your contractor fails to pay a subcontractor or supplier

Or Your Contractor Pays The Subs But -

The subcontractor fails to pay a sub-subcontractor or his/her suppliers

Anyone Who Has Not Been Paid

Anyone who has provided improvement to your property and has not been paid can place a lien, force foreclosure and cause your home to be sold on the courthouse steps. THAT’S THE LAW AND THAT’S POTENTIALLY A VERY BIG AND EXPENSIVE PROBLEM!

We have more detailed information, about both problems and solutions, as it relates to Florida's Construction Lien Law. If you are doing any type of home construction or remodeling in Florida you can go to The Problems page of our website to see if you might be faced with the kind of issues others have experienced. You can get an overview of the Florida Construction Lien Law, or jump right into our learning program at the Welcome page.

This site is intended for Florida homeowners only. We will be providing information for more states in the future.


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